Campaign labs

The Campaign Lab Program was a series of online workshops aimed at building the existing capability of Waste and Resource Recovery Groups, councils and alpine resort management board officers to deliver campaigns in their local communities.

The skills covered in the Labs will help participants deliver existing local campaigns and make the best use of the Circular Economy Household Education and Behaviour Change Program campaign materials and resources.

The Lab Program has been designed to take participants through the full campaign cycle: planning, development, delivery and measurement.

You can now view all campaign lab sessions online.

1. Understanding the problem to solve

Understanding the problem to solve with Ann-Marie Gut & Ben Bishop

Ann-Marie and Ben from Wallis talk about how and where research activities fit into campaign development, planning and the monitoring and evaluation.

'This Girl Can' campaign with Sarah Saunders

Sarah from VicHealth shared the 'This Girl Can' campaign in action - the story, research, evaluation, insights about what worked, how and why.

2. Defining the target audiences

Defining campaign success with Luke Rogers

Luke from Sustainability Victoria's mantra is 'success starts early'. He shares how to set campaign objectives and define success.

Defining target audiences with David Spicer

David from Kantar drills down into Sustainability Victoria's campaign tracking research on recycling practice, knowledge, attitudes and the groups that we know are quite hard to reach.

3. Using behaviour change models

Behaviour change with Emily Dunstan

Emily from Sustainability Victoria explains why behaviour change is so critical in government policies and campaigns and how it is done.

Selecting behaviours with Jenni Downes

Jenni from BehaviourWorks Australia shows us how to identify the behaviours we want to target and ways of thinking about and defining them to increase the success of your campaign.

The value of using frameworks with Donna van Bueren

Donna from Behaviour Change Collaborative shares a framework to really drill down to understand what is going on in an individual's world that is going to influence and drive behaviour change.

4. Planning the campaign

Developing a communications and engagement plan with Karen Cosson

Karen from Sustainability Victoria takes you through the steps to develop a communications and engagement plan for your campaign, which is very similar to general project planning.

Planning your campaign with Georgina Murphy

Georgina is the Department of Education's campaign manager for the Victorian Government's $5 billion 10-year Three-Year-Old Kindergarten program and takes you through the framework and planning underpinning the campaign.

5. Understanding and choosing the campaign tools – Part 1’

Maximising media impact with Honi Rosenwax

Honi from Arize Communications provides a clear understanding of how to use the paid and unpaid tools to package up a really great campaign with the available budget.

Thinking outside the square with Les Robinson

Les from Changeology takes participants through an all-purpose method to generate innovative ideas to create a project and for whenever anything needs freshening up.

6. Understanding and choosing the campaign tools – Part 2

Creating effective campaigns with Simon McCrudden

Simon from McCann shares his insights about what a brand or organisation's objectives are, who the target audience might be that we need to engage and how are we going to engage those people.

From campaign strategy to activation and execution with Penny Shell and Tate Nalen

Penny and Tate from OMD discussed campaign strategy, media channel planning and campaign management to ensure you're getting what you're paying for and know how to track a campaign.

7. Creating a local movement

Creating a movement with Susan Benedyka

Susan talks about creating movements, leadership and different frameworks and models for engaging communities in change. She briefly covers IAP2 and the AHUYS model, talks about building momentum and explains how engaging the audience in creating and telling their own stories can be powerful.

Creating community change with CALD communities with Kwabena Ansah

Kwabena from LOTE Agency highlights the things to consider to understand and reach culturally and linguistically diverse communities and how to create a movement in specific communities.

A community change and champions model with Andrea Baldwin & Michelle Wilkinson

Andrea and Michelle provide a case study of Albury City Council's long-term community champion program. They focus on how their champions have built community allies and had a significant role in shaping the success of their program.